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Save $757** when bundling home and auto insurance with Trendy Insurance Quote

Shopping for affordable auto insurance? You may consider bundling home and auto insurance to save you money… 

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    Auto Insurance

    Purchasing auto insurance is a smart way to protect one of your most valuable assets and securing adequate auto insurance coverage at a low rate is a great feeling. At Trendy Insurance Quote, we shop policies from highly-rated auto insurance companies to find you the coverage you need at a price that doesn’t hurt your wallet. Start your free auto insurance quote to see how much money you could save on car insurance with Trendy Insurance Quote

    How much does car insurance cost?

    Car insurance costs differ based on several factors, including your ZIP code, make and model of vehicle, driving record, deductible and more. Different auto insurance companies may offer wildly different discounts or prices, so it’s important to get quotes from several carriers at one time.

    Average Auto Insurance Rates

    Curious about the savings you could see by bundling insurance for multiple cars or even your home and auto insurance policies together? Let us compare average car insurance rates for three common scenarios. The numbers listed below are from actual Trendy Insurance Quote policies sold in 2021 and are based on 12-month policies. Whether you want a new auto insurance policy or want to see savings when you switch with Trendy Insurance Quote, we can help show you the difference with free car insurance quotes.

    Average Auto Insurance Rate Average Multi-Car Insurance Bundle Rate Average Home and Auto Insurance Bundle Rate
    $126.61/month $236.68/month $122.04/month


    Auto Insurance Discounts

    There are several ways to save money on auto insurance, and there are lots of car insurance discounts that you may qualify for. Here are some examples of common discounts.



    Telematics, also known as usage-based insurance, is a program offered by insurance companies that is able to collect information, track driving behavior and often provides discounts for safe driving practices.

    Good Driver Discounts

    These discounts are based around number of claims filed, number of tickets received, etc. If you can go a few years—typically three to five—without any incidents, you could potentially see a drop in your car insurance premium.

    Affiliation Discounts

    Being connected or affiliated with a specific group can sometimes provide opportunity for discounts on auto insurance. For example, being a member of the military, your place of work or where you attended college.

    Bundle Your Auto Insurance to Save More Money

    One of the biggest ways to save money is to bundle your auto insurance policy with your homeowners or renters insurance policy.

    Combining insurance policies, also known as bundling, earns you a multiple policy discount. You can bundle multiple policies, including renters insurance, homeowners insurance, and multiple vehicles.

    On average, home and auto insurance bundles save our customers up to $757 on their policies.** Get started today to see how much you can save when you bundle your auto insurance.

    • Auto and Home Insurance Bundle: One of the most common options, bundling home and auto insurance allows you to pay one premium for multiple insurance policies. It makes billing simple.
    • Auto and Renters Insurance Bundle: Much like bundling a home and auto insurance policy, adding your renters and auto insurance policies to one bundle can save you money.
    • Auto and Motorcycle Insurance Bundle: When you bundle car and motorcycle insurance together, you can get a discount and save money by paying one premium for coverage for both policies
    • Multiple Car Insurance Bundle: Instead of insuring two different vehicles under separate policies, bundle your vehicles under one policy for all drivers in your home. In some cases, this can save up to 20% on your coverage.